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The Healthy Aisle is accepting original article contributions from our community. If you’ve got an inspirational story or useful information to share, we want to hear what you have to say!

Our Audience – Working Moms with young children

Being a mom is a hard enough job but these ladies head into the office everyday, run their errands at lunch, and head home to take care of grumbling tummies and endless laundry. They try their best to eat well, take care of their body and manage their stress and personal development while doing the same for their family. They are smart and don’t want to be talked down to but at the same time, want to learn and are open to new ideas. Our goal at The Healthy Aisle is to share information and inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle while keeping our readers’ time and budget in mind.

Content Categories

The Healthy Aisle covers six core topics:

  1. Food: We don’t believe in one prescribed way of eating – we do believe in whole foods, practicing moderation and doing the best we can
  2. Body: Everyone’s body is different – we offer tips, information, and advice on how to take care of the body – inside and out
  3. Mind: Taking care of the mind should be a priority for the working mama – we make sure meditation, stress management, and personal development make it on their to-do lists
  4. Home: A non-toxic home is easier said than done – we offer green and natural solutions and recommendations from cleaning supplies to non-toxic mattresses
  5. Beauty: Looking great doesn’t mean you have to expose yourself to toxic chemicals – we do the research and introduce alternatives to our readers
  6. Baby and family: You don’t have to sacrifice health when balancing the many challenges of raising a family – we share solutions that will make life a little easier

Article Ideas

Below are common article types you’ll find at The Healthy Aisle. If you have something else in mind, we are open to your suggestions.

  1. How To’s: Our readers aren’t the DIY type (you won’t find complicated tutorials on our site) but they do want to take control of their lifestyle – just make it easy to do
  2. Lists: A mom’s life is full of lists so she’ll expect a good one from you that she can take action on
  3. Recipes: Having a family means multiple palates to please. We aspire to provide healthy, family friendly recipes that are quick, easy, and don’t have too many special ingredients.
  4. Health Hacks: Who doesn’t love a hack? Share a tip, trick or tool that can help our busy readers and their families become more healthy.
  5. Personal Story/Lesson: It’s not all theory on The Healthy Aisle – we also want to inspire our audience with how others have changed their lives and managed challenges

Voice and Tone

Your articles should be easy to read and show your personality and voice. After all, our readers are heads down in corporate speak all day – they don’t want to see that here! We want to have a mix of fun, realistic, actionable, relatable, practical, informative, friendly and down-to-earth content. Do not get in the weeds with excessive academic jargon. If you state studies or facts (which our readers will appreciate), include a link to the source that can be stated at the end of the article. Lastly, your article should be developed, revised and a final draft of a complete thought, not a stream of consciousness, with content and a point of view appropriate for our readers.

Product Suggestions

If your article lends itself to product suggestions, please seamlessly include them in your article. After all, we are called The Healthy Aisle! Another option is to provide suggestions at the end of the article.

Author Bio

We want to make sure you get credit for your amazing work! For your author bio, include 3-5 sentences about yourself, a relevant website, up to three social media links, and a profile picture.



Please email us your contact information, background and article ideas. We look forward to exploring how we can bring your message to our readers!