My Biggest Crunchy Mommy Fail and Why I’m Okay with It

As an aspiring crunchy mama, I had grand plans of cloth diapering.

No way was anything but 100% cotton washed by biodegradable detergent touching my sweet baby’s bottom. After learning about the benefits of earlier potty training and less diaper rashes along with avoiding all of the nasty chemicals that were found in disposable diapers, I was sold.

My husband wasn’t quite keen with the idea of washing dirty diapers in our bathroom sink or washing machine but when I found a local company that delivered diapers and cleaned them too, he was on board.

By our due date, we were well equipped to be cloth diaper parents. We got diaper covers from The Diaper Lab and even attended a class on how to use cloth diapers. We also paid for a month’s diaper delivery service with Kind by Nature who services Boston.  They dropped off the first week’s supply and gave us a mini orientation. The prefolded cloths were neatly arranged on the changing table and the diaper receptacle was in place – all ready for baby.

With all of this preparation, we still failed

I knew we weren’t going to be able to cloth diaper 100% of the time. Realistically, at some point we’d have an accident away from home or run out of cloths or travel to my in-law’s where we were not going to impose dirty diapers on their washing machines. With that in mind, I put disposable diapers on my registry and planned on having them on hand at home for those just-in-case moments.

When packing my hospital bag, I threw in my disposables knowing there would be enough new things happening that I didn’t need to bring cloth diapering into the mix (it was still a daunting idea!). When we got home with our 6 pound bundle of joy, we tried a cloth diaper on her, and it was just so bulky. It reminded me of using a huge overnight pad – just totally uncomfortable! So we stuck with the disposable diapers, promising that we’d try the cloth diapers again when she bulked up.

That day never came. I mean, she has bulked up just fine but we never felt a desire to try the cloth diapers again. Total crunchy mommy fail.

Why I am okay with this failure

As a mom, you have to know when to concede or as a former boss wisely instilled in me, “choose my battles.” While I still believe cloth diapers are the ideal choice, moms can’t always make the ideal decision. I made the best decision I could considering all of the other things on my plate – keeping my baby healthy (and sleeping), working, managing a messy household, and maintaining my sanity (well, what was left of it).

I have to say, Battle Cloth vs. Disposable still ended in my favor. The disposables I use have worked better than I expected. They keep her dry and comfortable. She never fusses about wet or dirty diapers. Even more importantly, she never suffered from diaper rash. One of her daycare teachers said that in over 20 years as a teacher changing diapers, this is the best brand she’s seen. If that’s not a testament, I’m not sure what is!

Of course I didn’t choose just any old diaper brand for my sweet baby’s bottom. I chose one that did not have the harsh chemicals (like chlorine and artificial fragrances) that conventional diapers have. One that was biodegradable and from a company who I felt right supporting, The Honest Company.

I heard about The Honest Company years ago and filed it away in the “to remember when I have kids” mental space. When I learned Jessica Alba was the founder, I didn’t think it was going to actually be healthy, and the products would be “green” and “natural” and still contain unnecessary additives and dangerous chemicals. However, after being a customer of theirs for over a year and having friends who use their products, I really do believe that The Honest Company is striving to do their best to provide less toxic products to their customers.

As a company, it sounds like they have the health of their customers and sustainability of the planet top of mind. They have an extensive list of what does and doesn’t go into their products and keep the environment in mind from packaging to getting their office LEED certified. And for a company offering disposable diapers, you’d think that they would not be a fan of cloth diapering moms but that’s not the case. I learned through conversations with Karen, one of their customer service reps, that The Honest Company loves cloth diapering moms and works closely with them so that they can still subscribe to the diaper bundles but not receive them every month. They have definitely trained their employees to take care of their customers which I completely appreciate.

Then there are all the little things they do to make you feel special. On Mother’s Day, they included a lip balm with my bundle and for the holidays, they included a sugar cookie mix and cookie cutter. These things don’t cost them much but as a mom who sometimes feels overworked and underappreciated, these little things matter.

While I haven’t tried every product nor want to as I have my favorites, I wholeheartedly stand behind their diapers after using them for a year. I feel comforted knowing before I can get around to potty training, these diapers are keeping my daughter dry and not loading her up 24×7 with toxins. Also, they just make me happy. They have the cutest designs for their diapers. Check out the latest ones introduced for the summer.

And so there you have it. My biggest fail as a crunchy mommy. I have to admit, I still have that week’s supply of cloth diapers in my condo. Maybe I’ll be crunchier with baby #2.

If you are using disposable diapers and haven’t tried The Honest Company yet, I encourage you to check out them out. I do believe their diapers are like anything else, they won’t work for everyone but it’s worth a shot! Beyond diapers, they have great house cleaners which I have given as housewarming gifts and other fun things like cribs, diaper bags, and swaddles. I personally subscribe to their monthly diaper bundle which comes with a months supply of diapers and 4 packs of their wipes which is another product of theirs I love!

Order your free trial from The Honest Company today.

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