Jessica Alba’s Favorite Skin Products

Jessica Alba, founder of The Honest Company, is one of the hot mama entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry.  I have great respect for her. Yes, she’s beautiful and talented and all of that, but more importantly, she is making a huge difference in the world by creating products that are safe, effective and affordable for babies, families, and our planet all the while being a kickass businesswoman.

In her interview with Natural Health Magazine which is unfortunately no longer published, Jessica Alba shares her top skin care products. It’s undeniable that an actress’ livelihood depends heavily on her looks. I’ve always figured they use really expensive and chemical-y products to maintain their glow. That’s not so much the case in this instance. Her top five products are reasonably priced though some definitely fall into the splurge category and most are a-okay in my book.

Before products are featured on The Healthy Aisle, they are examined against Our Standards. In this instance, products and their ingredients were also searched on The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database where personal care products are rated based on the safety of the individual ingredients (0 to 10 being the worst). Based on these searches, you’ll see whether Jessica Alba’s favorite items fall In or Out of THA Basket.


John Masters Organics Lavender Hydrating Mist for Skin and Hair

verdict: In THA Basket

This hydrating mist with a 4 star rating on Amazon sounds perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up and post-flight when all of the moisture has been sucked from your skin by the dry cabin air. Reviews say it’s great for dry weather and rosacea sufferers plus it has a great scent. Made of only two very natural ingredients (organic lavender hydrosol and japanese honeysuckle extract), this spray is simple enough to DIY if you are so inclined. For a super simple version, pour 1 teaspoon of lavender witch hazel into a 4 oz. glass spray bottle and fill it to the top with water. Keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect. This would make a perfect bon voyage gift for a friend who is heading on a summer trip or a party gift for a girl’s weekend.


Koch Gen Do Macro Vintage Essence Mask

verdict: Out of THA Basket

This was a borderline decision for us. The product itself is not rated in the Environmental Working Group (EWG) database, and while the majority of its 34 ingredients are considered low hazard, four ingredients are moderately hazardous (PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Dimethicone, Potassium Hydroxide) with a 3-4 ranking. Jessica Alba says she uses these masks on long flights, but she’s probably better off sticking with the hydrating spray.


Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream

verdict: In THA Basket

With 4.5 stars on Amazon, this cream is helping users with dry, rosacea or eczema prone skin as well as wrinkles. It’s no wonder – one of its main ingredients, rose, is naturally moisturizing, toning, and anti-inflammatory. At about $34 for an ounce, it’s got a hefty price tag that many reviewers say is well worth it. The cream does have a 6 rating in the EWG database but this appears to be based on the assumption that the fragrance and several other ingredients are artificial. Dr. Hauschka’s site states they are components of essential oils. While you can’t always count on a company’s word, it appears that the EWG was working with limited data. That’s why this cream is in THA basket.

 Bonus fun fact: Jennifer Lopez is a fan of this cream as well.


Resurface by Shani Darden Retinol Reform

verdict: Out of THA Basket

I don’t care how effective this product is at reducing pores, wrinkles and dark spots, the label says “DO NOT use this product while pregnant or breastfeeding” which immediately red flags it for me. The ingredients list shows that it is 5% pure retinol which has a rating 9 on the EWG database. Retinol is a synthetic form of Vitamin A that an FDA study says “may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions on sun-exposed skin.” For this major reason, this is Out of THA Basket.


Honest Healing Balm

verdict: In THA Basket

As I said before, Jessica Alba is a kickass businesswoman so, of course, she includes an Honest product in her list of top five faves. She uses this healing balm for roughness and razor burns. While I think the balm is too thick and not really absorbent with my dry skin, I have friends who love it. Amazon reviews, where the balm earned 4.5 stars,  state it works well as a diaper cream helping with cases of diaper rash, “recommended for rough, dry, cracked skin” and one reviewer states it’s a good substitute for Aquafor. With a rating of 1 vs. Aquaphor’s rating of 2 on EWG, the Honest Healing Balm makes a decent upgrade. (While the healing balm didn’t work for me, see how Honest helped me feel okay about my biggest crunchy mommy fail.)

Have you examined the ingredients in your skin care products? If not, head on over to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep database to see how your favorite lotion/cleanser/toner is rated and share your conclusions (and any surprises) below. Chances are, if you are using that product, another reader is too!

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