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The Healthy Aisle: A Love Affair

I love grocery stores.

As a little girl, I always tagged along with my mom on her weekly trips to the grocery store. I would walk down each aisle and evaluate the hundreds of products on the shelves. I didn’t even mind carrying our overflowing bags back home as long as I got to go with her.

Now, 20 plus years later, the grocery store is still one of my favorite places to explore. Any kind will do – health food stores, ethnic grocers, farmers markets, co-op’s…even corner markets strike my fancy. I much prefer going food shopping over going to the mall, and the healthy aisle of the grocery store is my preferred place to window shop.

As a child at a grocery store, I was in awe with the products that I had seen on TV, the Lunchables that the other kids brought to school, the deli meat slicer and the lobster tank (isn’t every kid?). Today, the grocery store is still awe-inspiring but more so in how confusing and stressful shopping well can be.

shopping at a Parisian health food store on my honeymoon

How we shop has fundamentally changed. Shopping lists are no longer a string of simple one word ingredients. Instead, there are dozens of questions that can accompany a single purchase. Is that apple organic and local? Is the dishwashing detergent natural, derived from plants, and biodegradable? Does this shampoo contain SLS or parabens? Was that lotion tested on animals? Is the decaf coffee water processed? Do those chips contain MSG? Enough questions to make your head spin!

As a new mom, I have found it more important than ever to shop well for myself and my little one who can’t decode food labels or read ingredients lists yet. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as going to the healthy aisle of the grocery store and buying everything off those shelves. With a background in health coaching and nutrition, I fill my grocery basket with food and products that I am confident are good for my family. Unfortunately, not all moms feel as confident.

Shopping healthy is hard. Aside from deciphering the vast amount of contradicting information about how to eat and live well, moms have the extra challenges of balancing time and budget to live a healthier life. Consider The Healthy Aisle your personal guide to managing your family’s wellbeing. On our site, you will find information and inspiration for busy moms to live a healthier and greener life without the confusion.

What are we all about?

With all of the talk about the best way to live green and organically, you’d think that there would be a general consensus about how to do it correctly. That’s not the case. In fact, with each new article published, a new authority gets her wings and a new theory joins the mess of ideas out there.

Experts from nutritionists to doctors to biologists all have a different philosophy to preach. Your best friend, mother-in-law and fellow mom’s group member do not hesitate to share their opinion on the latest health trend. All of this noise is a bit much and not helpful at all!

At The Healthy Aisle, we approach healthy living from a stress free, no obligations, “mom-knows-and-is-doing-her-best” point of view. Because don’t we have enough stress in our lives already?

We believe…

There is no one correct way to approach health. You are an individual, not a templated version of a woman. Your personal lifestyle dictates which steps are best for your health, and those are decisions only you can make. That’s why we don’t prescribe to one way of eating, thinking, or exercising. Instead, in our articles, you will find all of the information and inspiration you need to take the most realistic and effective course of action for you.

Healthy living starts with what you put in your basket. Every decision you make has an impact on your health. What an overwhelming thought! You might not have the mental space to do research on what the best tool is to create zucchini noodles or the best disposable diapers for your baby. That’s why we do the legwork for you. All of the products featured on The Healthy Aisle undergo an evaluation process against Our Standards. In short, you won’t find something here that we wouldn’t use ourselves or recommend to a family member or friend.

No two motherhoods are alike. You deserve a pat on the back (and a dozen roses) for doing everything you do. There is no judgement here but an understanding that you are doing the best you can with the resources or knowledge you have. At The Healthy Aisle, you’ll find inspiring stories from other mothers on a healthy mission and ideas of how to tackle you and your family’s specific healthy living challenges.

Moms need to balance health with time and budget. While it’d be great if you could make all of your own all-natural personal care products or buy all of your groceries from Whole Foods, you don’t have the time or budget to go 100% organic crunchy granola. Thats why you won’t find recipes with 20 exotic ingredients or unrealistic instructions on how to eliminate plastic from your kitchen. Instead, you’ll find articles that offer strategies and ideas that fit your busy lifestyle.

Health starts with YOU. While you’ll find loads of tips and tools for your family, The Healthy Aisle is focused on giving you the kick in the butt you need to take care of yourself before others. You are the cog in the familial wheel; if you are squeaky, the rest of the machine won’t run effectively. You do not have to be a superhero or sacrifice yourself to be a Super Mom.

Welcome to The Healthy Aisle! Pull up a chair, make yourself comfy and stay awhile. We have an amazing community of writers sharing their stories and knowledge in all areas of your life. Learn more about our awesome team.